Role of the head of the dissertation

After selecting the branch of knowledge in which the thesis research will take place, it is necessary to select a scientific leader, if this important task hasn’t been solved. First of all, his recall is a prerequisite for the provision of scientific work to the dissertational commission.

Information about the scientific leader is indicated on the title of the thesis and on the cover of the author’s abstract. However, the need for his presence arises much earlier. Before entering graduate school, there is a meeting with the prospective leader, whose decision will depend on the result of the interview in the admissions office. Entrance examinations are given after the applicant’s admission. I must say that the abstract, which provides the incoming, is also considered by the future scientific adviser.

The supervisor can play an insignificant role if the thesis is supposed to be written in the form of a report or a doctoral dissertation is planned. In general, it isn’t forbidden to have a scientific adviser, but it isn’t a mandatory requirement either.

The supervisor can be appointed by the enterprise, on the basis of which data the dissertation will be written, or when enrolling in graduate school. The candidature for this role isn’t fully determined, but this doesn’t mean that you need to sit idly by, and wait until the head himself finds time to get acquainted. It is possible to continue existing developments and consult with the teacher, who was the scientific supervisor of the diploma.

The leader is the central figure on the way to achieving the goal and obtaining a scientific degree. It can be compared with a traffic controller on the road in a period when the traffic light does not work and the direction of traffic is completely incomprehensible. With a successful choice of a supervisor, you can say that success is guaranteed, of course, provided that the approach to writing a dissertation will be thorough and responsible. Quite often, the supervisor himself proposes his candidacy, or the department distributes the teachers, in this case it will be necessary to be content with what you have. But, if there is a choice, it’s not worth it.